Which is better among Prepladder and Marrow to prepare for MD/MS?

Prepladder have all the famous faculties compared to Marrow and its rapid revision content and MCQs discussions are very helpful, Q bank 2.0 is clinical best and have very understandable explanations and video explanations.

Prepladder is now a part of Unacademy Group so we can expect some more major updates in coming days.

Prepladder have more features than the marrow although it’s Video content is little bit concised as compared to marrow but more than sufficient to crack any PG entrance.

Premium doubt feature only for subscribers is available in Prepladder, whereas in Marrow doubt feature is open to all(Facebook Group) which create unnecessary mess due to lot of users.

Notes are bulkier in Marrow whereas in Prepladder notes are designed in “short and easy revise“ format to get best outputs.

If You are planning to subscribe Prepladder pack it is best time as we get highest discount of 21000 by code DAAKHBV8

Order of Study

  1. Watch Main Videos with simultaneous solving of Q bank

  2. Attempt some Grand Tests and review them

  3. Watch rapid revision videos

  4. Solve rapid revision Q bank

  5. Attempt Grand Test as much as you can and review them

  6. Watch paper discussion videos of all previous year exams (Before few days of exam)

Interacting with many of the NEET PG ASPIRANTS I have seen a change in preparation strategy most of the students are moving towards ONLINE STUDY PLATFORMS like PrepLadder, Marrow, etc.

Well it depends on students to students and group to group, choose the plan according to yourself, download the app and watch free videos and analyze it according to you.

Think for

1. How much time do you have in exam?

2. Are you able to do 90% of the app which you are going to purchase along with 3 compulsory revisions ( look for total hours duration of videos before purchasing)

[ If your vision is clear which is best for you, go with it, skip the next points]

3. Multiple revision of the Limited course is far better than Studying or covering a large portion of the course.( If you are intern/post intern or final year student you can choose Prepladder to rest all students can choose any of from Marrow or PrepLadder, if you need proff wise subjects then you should go with e-Gurukul).

[ This analysis is made up after a lot of research and surveys among students and under guidance of many experts ]

4. Are you able to retain what you have read?

Pros of Marrow: Excellent Q Bank, ENT, Obs-Gyne, Opthal, Physio, Surgery, Radio faculty is best among all the other apps

Cons of Marrow: Lengthy & time consuming (not ideal for interns and final year), No rapid revision yet (it may be added in coming days), only English recorded video

Pros of PrepLadder: Concise and more competitive approach, Rapid Revision Programme, Anatomy, Patho, Pharma, Medicine, PSM, Forensic, Psychiatry, Pedia & Ortho faculty is best then all other apps, videos are recorded in 2 languages -Can switch between in Hindi and English Language, separate last 3 years paper wise video discussions of all exams like NEET PG, AIIMS, PGI, FMGE etc

Cons of Prepladder: Forensic Medicine & Rapid Revision videos are only in the English Language.

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