Upcoming NEXT Exam Study Partners

Post your requests by replying to this post for a NEXT 2023 study partner.

Here is how

  • State your requirements and time zone so when someones respond to your request you will be notified by email
  • If you like someone’s request, reply to them, so they will be notified by email to connect to you


  • It is risky to post your contact information online so use our messaging service, you will be notified by email if someone messages or reply you.
  • Try to be specific in your requirements so others can understand what they are getting into
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Anyone who is preparing for NEXT 2023, whichever platform can message me.Its very difficult to motivate myself everyday and can’t go to the library. We can do group study in zoom or google meet.


Hello! I’m interested in studying with you for NEXT since I am also the kind of person who needs an externally influenced initiative (or a kick if you say so). And I haven’t subscribed to any physical classes which used to drive me towards completing the stuff which these online subscriptions aren’t helping me with. We can plan it up and will divide it among us so I’ll first learn the topic assigned to me and will teach the other person and vise versa.