Second Year MBBS Survival Guide

Second Year – Taste of Medicine

While surviving the first year is a herculean task. Second-year, especially 3rd semester, should be used to its maximum potential.

In the video, I discuss in detail the resources to use, and the ones to avoid. While you think of relaxing after your first year is over. This is the ideal time to put the pedal to the metal. While many of your peers will be go clubbing on almost every weekend, unless you use your time wisely this year, you won’t be able to shine during your post-graduate examinations.

Free video resource which I suggest you use – OnlineMedEd | OnlineMedEd

Books which I recommend:

Pathology: Big Robbins (Reference); Goljan (Reading); Pathoma (Revision/Reading)

Pharmacology: Katzung (Reference); Lippincott (Reading); Kaplan Lecture Notes (any edition) (Revision/Reading)

Microbiology: Clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple (best resource)

Immunology: Levinson