Physiology important topic list for NEET-PG, NEXT, and INICET

Physiology important topics that should be covered & are essential for any examinations whether it be NEET PG, NEXT, or INICET.

Nerve-Muscle Physiology -:

  • Muscle spindle
  • RCF Period
  • Golgi Tendon organs
  • Graphs
  • to Receptor Types,
  • Passive
  • Basic Diagrams of Sarcomere
  • Components constituting the Sarcomere
  • Proteins constituting A, I sub-units
  • Calculation based questions
  • Sleep, EEG Patterns
  • Methods of Memory Preservation
  • Summation, Dissemination concepts
  • Knowledge of Autonomic Nervous system
  • Impact of various receptors
  • Influence of drugs on Alpha, Beta Receptors
  • Recruitment, DC Recoup ling

Cardiac Physiology -:

  • Changes in Cardiac Cycle
  • Calculation portion of Cardiac output
  • ECG, JVP Changes in Cardiac Cycle
  • PV Curve, Cardiac Cycle and corresponding ECG, JVP and PV changes
  • Poiselle’s Equation Numerical, Volume of distribution numerical
  • Reflexes: Brain Bridge, Barrow-receptor, Herring Breuer, Bezold, Jarish, Cushing, Vasomotor Centre
  • Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Cardiac cycle Pressure curve
  • Relation between H1 and H2
  • Applied Physiology on basis of murmurs

Respiratory Physiology -:

  • Pulmonary Function
  • Curves of MEFR
  • Stewart-Hamilton Law, Exercise Physiology
  • Oxy Dissociation Curve, Fix Law, BP Measurement, MSFP, JVP, HB types
  • Reflex, Regulation of Respiration – Apneustic/ Pre botz complex, Central/Peripheral Chemoreceptors

Renal Physiology -:

  • Plasma Membrane
  • Lipid Draft
  • Git Secretions – Cells
  • Gfr – Calculation, Clearance, Counter-current, Mechanism
  • ADF, CSF Flow

General Physiology -:

  • Transport processes
  • Body fluid compartments

Endocrine Pathology -:

  • Pituitary (GH)
  • Thyroid
  • Insulin
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