India’s Top faculty List for NEET PG

Here are some top best subject wise faculty for NEET PG and INICET preparation.

1. Anatomy- Dr Ashwani Kumar Sir- Egurkul

2. Physiology- Dr S Krishna Kumar sir- Marrow

3. Biochemistry- Dr Smily Paruthi Ma’am -Prepladder

4. Pathology- Dr Sparsh Gupta Sir- Prepladder

5. Pharmacology- Dr Govind Rai Garg Sir- Prepladder

6. Microbiology- Dr Sonu Panwar Sir- Prepladder

7. Forensic Medicine- Dr J Magendran Sir- Prepladder

8. ENT- Dr Manish Budhiraja Ma’am-Marrow

9. Ophthalmology- Dr Rajarathna Ma’am-Marrow

10. PSM- Dr Vivek Jain Sir- Prepladder

11. Medicine- Dr Deepak Marwah Sir- Prepladder

12. Surgery- Dr Rohan Khandelwal Sir- Marrow

13. Obs gyne- Dr Sakshi Arora Ma’am- Marrow

14. Paediatrics- Dr Sinagram Sir-Marrow or Dr Meenakshi Bothra Ma’am- Prepladder

15. Dermatology- Dr Manish Soni Sir- Prepladder

16. Anaesthesia- Dr Swati Singh Ma’am- Prepladder

17. Radiology- Dr Mayur Kulkarni Sir- Marrow

18. Orthopedics- Dr Abbas Ali Sir- Marrow or Dr Apurva Mehra Sir- Prepladder

19. Psychiatry- Dr Praveen Tripathi Sir- Prepladder

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