Final Year MBBS Survival Guide

The final year is considered one of the cruelest years in MBBS. I clubbed part 1 and part 2 during my prep and would ask you to do the same.

While these two are treated as separate years, unless and until you start reading about medicine and the other final year subjects from Day 1 of Part 1, you won’t be able to keep up with the college or your over-achieving peers. Below listed are the resources which I had used to ace my final year examinations.

Free Video Resources:

OnlinemedED –

Paul Bolin’s Channel –

Books which I recommend:

ENT: Dhingra

EYE: Khurana, Sure Success Ophthalmology (practical)

Community Medicine: Park (reference), Maiti (exam prep)

FMT: Ask your seniors!

Medicine: Harissons (Reference); Step up to Medicine (Reading); Matthews (Revision/Reading)

Surgery: Pestana’s surgery notes (best resource), Bailey and Love (reference), SRB (exam prep)

Gynae and Obs: DC Dutta (ref), Aftab sir’s book (reading), Exam prep manual (Bhojani – reading)

Pediatrics: Ghai (reference + reading)