Femoral triangle mnemonic

A mnemonic to remember the Femoral triangle is:

  • The femoral triangle is shaped like the sail of a sailing ship and hence its boundaries can be remembered using the mnemonic, " SAIL ":


  • S artorius
  • A dductor longus
  • I nguinal L igament.
    The order of structures in the femoral triangle is important in the embalming of bodies, as the femoral artery is often exposed and used to pump embalming fluids into the body. The order of this neurovascular bundle can be remembered using the mnemonic, " NAVY ":
  • N erve
  • A rtery
  • V ein
  • Y (the British term of a style of men’s underwear with a β€œY” shaped front that acts as a fly). The β€œY” is midline (corresponding with the penis) and the mnemonic always reads from lateral to medial in other words, the Femoral Nerve is always lateral.

An alternate to this mnemonic is " NAVEL " for N erve, A rtery, V ein, E mpty Space and L ymph, to include the deep inguinal lymph nodes located medial to the Femoral vein.