Essential amino acids Mnemonic

A mnemonic to remember the Essential amino acids is:

  • PVT TIM HALL always argues, never tires”:


  • P he – phenylalanine
  • V al – valine
  • T hr – threonine
  • T rp – tryptophan
  • I le – isoleucine
  • M et – methionine
  • H is – histidine
  • A rg – arginine
  • L eu – leucine
  • L ys – lysine
  • Always argues: the A is for Arg, not Asp
  • ‘Never tires’: T is not Tyr, but is both Thr and Trp

Note that this initialism uses single letters for each amino acid that are not the same as the standard single-letter codes commonly used in molecular biology to uniquely specify each amino acid; for example, though phenylalanine is represented here by the letter “P”, it is formally represented by the letter “F” in most other contexts, and “P” is instead used to formally represent proline.