Brachial plexus branches mnemonic

A mnemonic to remember the Brachial plexus branches is:

R emember T o D rink C old B eer - R oots, T runks, D ivisions, C ords


Posterior cord branches ULNAR

  • U pper subscapular nerve,
  • L ower subscapular nerve,
  • N erve to latissimus dorsi,
  • A xillary nerve,
  • R adial nerve.

Lateral Cord Branches LML

  • L ateral pectoral nerve
  • M usculocutaneous nerve,
  • L ateral root of Median Nerve.

Medial Cord Branches M4U

  • M edial pectoral nerve, Medial cutaneous nerve of arm, Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm, Medial root of median nerve
  • U lnar nerve

5 main nerves of brachial plexus, in order laterally to medially

  • “My Aunty Rocks My Uncle” - Musculocutaneous, axillary, radial, median, ulnar.
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