Biochemistry important topic list for NEET-PG, NEXT, and INICET

Biochemistry important topics that should be covered & are essential for any examinations whether it be NEET PG, NEXT, or INICET.

Vitamins Urea Cycle Glycogen Synthesis
DNA and RNA Cell Membrane Starvation
Amino Acid Cholesterol Metabolism Glutathione
Lipoproteins Fatty Acid Oxidation Ketone Bodies
Protein Structure Insulin Nitric Oxide
Secondary Messenger Trace Elements Phenylketonuria
Citric Acid Cycle HMP Shunt Xeroderma Pigmentosa
Glycolysis Hormone Chaperones
Electron Transport
Chain PCR Chromosome Types
Enzyme Kinetics Purine Metabolism Cytochrome P450
Chromatography Serine Protease Diffusion
Collagen/ Elastin Carbohydrate Digestion Fructose Metabolism
Fatty Acid Synthesis Essential Fatty Acids GIT Enzymes
Gluconeogenesis Enzyme Classification Malate Shuttle
Mutation Galactosemia Porphyria
disease Glycogen Storage
Disorder Glycogenolysis
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