Anatomy important topic list for NEET-PG, NEXT, and INICET

Anatomy important topics that should be covered & are essential for any examinations whether it be NEET PG, NEXT, or INICET.

Embryology -:


-Development of face.

-Pharyngeal arches: Components and derivatives i.e. Muzzle, Nerve, Vascular derivatives.

-Germ Layers and Derivatives.

-Neural crest derivatives, bronchial arches derivatives.

-Embryology of orbit.

Osteology -:

-Pneumatic and Non/pneumatic bones of the skull.

-Deep cervical Facial: Muscle tissue.

-Types of switchers.

-The base of the skull.

Head and Neck -:

-Nerve supply of head and heck.

-Cavernous sinus, its boundaries, structures passing through cavernous sinus, tributaries and drain channels.

– Muscles, Region, Exertions, Insertions

– Actions of upper limbs.

Upper and Lower Limbs -:

-Shoulder joint, especially the muscles(insertion, action, nerve supply).

-Brachial plexus and Axillary artery.

-Dermatomes of the upper and lower limb is also a very important topic to prepare.

-Knee joint, sciatic and obturator nerve, saphenous vein, arches of the foot, muscles of the sole of the foot.

Thorax -:

-Blood supply of the heart.

-Structures passing through the diaphragm.

-Arteries, Veins, and Nerves.


HISTOLOGY – cartilage, connective tissue

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