3 prof mbbs study partner

3 prof study partner Needed
Both for Prof and PG
I m a marrow user

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I’m interested


Kindly Dm me Over whatsapp

I may be your study partner for 3rd prof

About to enter 4th year?
Which batch?

2018 batch exams may be in March 2022

Batch18 marrow user.
Can be study partner for NEXT 2023 prepration if marrow user.

Nervethless I’m not a marrow user , I subscribed to prepladder app ,does it work ?

No,I don’t think so.
Revising the same module and solving the same que bank helps in rapid learning.

Ok but in this way you help me as senior because am in first proff

Yes right,
that makes more sync

Focusing on 3rd and 4th year subjects right now.Its already quite vast.
I wont be revising 1st and 2nd year unless im prepared with 3rd and final year